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help wanted
We have several opportunities for you to help out the CHSAA! Please consider the following opportunities to volunteer your time and talent to assist your organization to provide information, assistance and support to alumni and CHS. If you’re interested please send a message to: Terry McSheehy, CHSAA President at:  Please consider any of these opportunities to help. If you have other skills or interests not listed here, please contact us. We can surely use enthusiastic people interested in the CHSAA.

Online Database Creation And Maintenance

We have several areas where we collect information from members and CHS, such as: The annual CHSAA Scholarship Program; Membership, History (CHS and Alumni) and Selling CHSAA items/apparel. We are in need of someone with the expertise necessary to create and maintain online databases to expedite these activities.

Website Assistance 

Our website ( is a very important means of communication for us. We would like assistance with: Photos/Videos from events--Someone or group to assist with obtaining and posting pictures and/or videos from various CHSAA activities.The site has several pages that each include several links. Looking for folks to volunteer to take responsibility for maintaining a page and related links to keep them current. We also have a Calendar of Events that needs attention. Keeping it up to date and solicit items to be included.


The long-term stability of the CHSAA depends on financial stability. This requires a strong capital campaign initiative capable of raising a significant amount of money. We are seeking people interested in working on this very important activity.

Please leave a message here if you're interested in working with us

4th of July Booth 

The CHSAA has a booth at the annual Country Fair at the Common on the 3rd and 4th of July. We are seeking someone or a group interested in taking responsibility for this activity.

Class Agents 

The Lion’s Pride, the CHSAA news magazine, relies on representatives from each class to provide information about each class. We are seeking “Class Agents” who are interested in contacting class members for information to include in each issue (3/year).