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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 2021 

Awarding Criteria:
Will be awarded to the highest ranking graduating senior who is planning to attend a State Univesity

Sam Zouzas never had the luxury of attending his high school graduation. He had to drop out of Chelmsford High School to help on the family farm. During Sam’s farming days, the crops that they picked during the week would be driven to Haymarket Square in Boston, where Sam would meet up with Telemachus Demoulas to sell the crops. Some weekends they would drive home with a full load, not having sold anything.
Farming instilled in Sam a strong work ethic, determination and will, which led him to become one of the area’s biggest developers, having built the first shopping center in Westford.
This scholarship was established to remember Sam and the sacrifices he endured and, most importantly, his devotion to his family.

The Zouzas Farm was settled in 1920 along Proctor Road in South Chelmsford, spanning from the end of Carlisle State Park to the end of Highgate Road, covering close to 100 acres. Zeus Drive sits on a portion of the farm where Sam built homes for his relatives and family over the years. You can feel Sam’s spirit while walking along some of the trails that remain.