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Thank you!

Your generosity, enthusiasm, and Lion’s Pride made Giving Day 2018 a success.

This Giving Day, you and just over 100 enthusiastic donors came together to show the comraderie of CHS alumni and how we can make a difference. Together, your gifts mean more than just dollars—they’re a celebration of CHS spirit and the devotion to supporting CHS students, Alumni and the community. Even though Giving Day is over, you can still make a gift to the Lion’s Pride Endowment Fund.

The Lion’s Pride Endowment Fund Campaign

The Chelmsford High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) is unique! Since 1989, the alumni association has helped serve the CHS community with financial support, scholarships and networking. In order to continue this tradition of professional, academic and financial support we need to enable the CHSAA to become a stronger, self-sustaining organization.

Supporting the Lion’s Pride Endowment Fund will allow the association to maintain the level of excellence that CHS students, alumni and community have come to expect. The fund will enrich the association, support the mission, and take us to new heights.

Your gift to CHSAA will allow the association to provide a lifetime of support to CHS students, alumni and the Chelmsford community.


  • Create an all-inclusive Association with no annual dues
  • Sustain and grow the organization with a salaried Executive Director and Assistant
  • Erect a community Alumni Hall for events, gatherings and office space
  • Support future CHS Alumni in reaching their dreams
  • Acknowledge the success and impact of alumni

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference”

For more information on the goals of the Lion’s Pride Endowment Fund, please contact Heather Linstad at