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Dear Alumni,

Heather LinstadWhen I returned to Chelmsford High School in 2016 as the varsity softball coach, the sights and sounds felt familiar; the chatter between teammates, the banging of balls off the gymnasium bleachers, the flags dangling from the rafters representing the CHS sports tradition. After some reflection, I realized how much I had changed; however, my sense of belonging and the comradery I feel as an alumnae has never wavered.

Chelmsford High School allows each student to become the best version of themselves. It shapes each student to be a passionate, strong and giving individuals. The opportunity to be who we choose to be is boundless with the encouragement from the administrators, deans, teaches and coaches. There is never a shortage of smiles or pats on the back in the hallways of CHS.

The Chelmsford High School Alumni Association provides all CHS alumni the opportunity to stay connected with classmates, teachers and memories. It also provides an avenue for alumni to say “Thank You”.

I know my CHS memories continue to make me smile and laugh or receive a surprise “hello” from a classmate in a grocery store, airport or Red Sox game. I am forever grateful to the CHS community for being a part of my journey and that is why I am excited to lead the “Lion’s Pride Endowment Fund”. Please join me by making a gift to support the Chelmsford High School Alumni Association (CHSAA). Your gift will help sustain the legacy for all Chelmsford High School alumni and provide a home for future alumni.

Sincerely yours,

Heather F. Linstad ‘85

"For it is in giving that we receive"


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Honor the past - Empower the present - Ensure the future

The Lion's Pride Endowment Fund will strengthen the CHSAA into a self- sustaining organization – one that will continue its mission of supporting, connecting and engaging with Alumni, while giving back to the Chelmsford community and the world beyond.

The CHSAA is asking all alumni to help contribute to this incredible effort we are undertaking. We are seeking donations at all levels for the Lion's Pride Endowment Fund. CHS alumni, businesses, and individuals will all play a part in the success of this fund. A successful campaign will ensure a strong future for the Association, and positive impact on our community for all initiatives moving forward.

If you would like to join the Capital Campaign committee please contact Heather Linstad at:

Overview of Benefits from your support of the Lion’s Pride Endowment Fund

  • Employ a full-time director to support the growth of the association. Oversee new programs such as S.H.A.R.E and Lions Link, while managing the successful Scholarship fund and Hall of Fame.

  • Provide a self – sustaining dues free association supporting and providing opportunities for all CHS graduates.

  • Create an Alumni Hall that will house the alumni association, provide meeting opportunities to support new initiatives, showcase the successes from years past, and a gathering place for alumni and the Chelmsford community

  • Endow the maintenance and operation of the new Alumni Hall

  • Support growth of faculty; encourage curriculum expansion through grants