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Welcome to the CHSAA Reunion Page

Planning a reunion can be a lot of work but with a little help and a good plan, it can be rewarding and fun! Below, CHSAA would like to offer some help in planning your next reunion. If you have any questions our reunion coordinator, Rob Russo class of '83, is happy to help. Contact him at:

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When to Start

Forming a Committee
Major Decisions
Notifying Classmates


When To Start
Start planning any where from 2 years to 6 months, depending on how elaborate you want your event to be.

If your planning an informal event, limited food and entertainment then you can plan it in 6 months. Usually this is for 5 year reunions. Find a venuel, order finger foods, get a DJ and put up a few decorations.

If your planning a sit down dinner, or your classmates are not in the immediate area, plan on a year or more of lead time. Most reunions are during Thanksgiving weekend. That means every high school in the area may be looking at similar venues. The more formal the reunion the more lead time you'll need to book your venue. Top

When a class graduates, any left over class funds are transfered to CHSAA. When it comes time to make deposits contact Rob Russo, class of '83, at:  CHSAA can front money, within reason, if you're a little bit short. Turn around time is a few days so give yourself enough time. CHSAA can also reimburse you if you spend your own money.

As with any financial endeavor save all reciepts for expenses whether funded by you and reimbursed or funded directly from CHSAA!


Forming a CommitteeGenerally speaking, your class officers will plan your reunion. However, it's not necessary and frankly, anyone from your class who's around and willing to help should be welcomed. It actually can be fun and rewarding to get together with former classmates to plan. When forming a committee consider classmates that are local or in close proximaty. With technology, this becomes less important, but a few people will have to do some leg work so keep that in mind.

Select a Chair. Then take as many volunteers as he/she feels is necessary to help plan. Treasurer, Promoter and Producer are other key positions. Generally speaking though, people have talents so assign them to tasks they will succeed with.


Major Decisions
First Meeting:  Discuss the following then assign members to get availabitity and prices.

Set a Date (Decide on a few dates)
Venue and Format (Dinner, Finger Foods, Buffet etc)
    Contact Local Hotels if necessary for room bookings
Programming (Entertainment, Speakers, Fundraising for charities and etc)
Website Development and Social Media (CHSAA will host your website free)

Second Meeting:  Discuss findings and assign the following tasks. (CHSAA holds all the leftover class funds. We will also front a reasonable amount of money for deposits. Contact Rob Russo for more info.)

Solidify date and send out deposit. Banquet manager will guide you through the process with the venue
Book Entertainment
Decide additional costs
    Raffle Prizes
    Deceased classmate tribute
    Door prizes or momentos   
    Who will you invite: Often classes will invite Advisors, Teachers and Administrators. This is your reunion,
    invite who you want, but plan on pricing to cover their costs.
Set Budget and Pricing

Third and Subsequent Meetings: Leg work

Get the word out. Website/Social Media
Discuss Issues Encountered
Set Deadlines
Meet periodically as needed to ensure a successfull event!


Notifying Classmates
CHSAA will host your website for free. From this site we can link to other social media or sites of your own design. Again, contact Rob Russo, class of '83, at: for more info on website development.


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