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Richard J. "Ricky" Sullivan

CHS Class of 1975


Richard Sullivan CHS ‘75 For those of us lucky enough to have grown up in Chelmsford “a few years ago,” we remember the joy of going to Skip’s Ice Cream stand on Chelmsford Street. It was the place to go for families. When you were able to drive, it was the place to meet friends and enjoy the great ice cream. This is where Richard “Ricky” Sullivan began his passion for the ice cream business and the importance of a local business as an institution for a community. His dedication to Chelmsford, CHS and its students is second to none. He has provided part-time work for hundreds of CHS students over his 30+ years in business. Richard is justifiably proud of his business and says, “The greatest asset of Sully’s is our employees” (99% of whom are CHS students or graduates). Students are grateful for more than his ability to provide part-time employment. They appreciate his understanding and flexibility when scheduling work hours while considering their already busy school, sports, and family schedules. “He is so understanding and reasonable when we have obligations other than work and need to take days off,” said one student employee (CHS ’13). Richard is an avid supporter of his community and its programs. CHS Track Coach Brian Crane states, “I’ve never known Sully to pass up an opportunity to help, whether it be donating ice cream for a school event, making a monetary donation or simply by showing up to pitch in where he’s needed. You can set your watch by him. I was worried that after his youngest son Robbie went off to college and would no longer be running for CHS, I might see him taper off. To the contrary, I should have known he’d still show the same devotion to the team as he did when his own kids ran because in Sully’s mind they’re all his kids.” Coach John “Jack” Lang and CHSAA Hall of Fame member says, “Without a doubt, Mr. Sullivan's generosity, interest and participation in Chelmsford High Athletics has been a significant asset to the program. I value and appreciate his continued support and efforts on behalf of the athletes.” Richard’s list of organizations, charities and programs that he supports with his time, talent, product and money is very much too long include in this space. Suffice to say he is a shining example of community involvement. Richard “Ricky” Sullivan has created a Chelmsford icon with “Sully’s Ice Cream.” His generosity, hard work and dedication to his craft are second to none. He is truly an inspiration and shining example for all of the people he has helped and served in the past and will serve in the future. He is a most deserving member of this year’s CHSAA Hall of Fame induction group.