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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 2009 

Awarding Criteria:
Will be awarded to a deserving Alumnus or graduating Senior who is enrolled in an undergraduate degree program pursuing a degree in Special Education 

Alan Gendron and his wife Deana raised two sons – Jamie and Shane, and their family also includes two granddaughters, Kailey and Kaydence. He showed his great love for his family in many ways, but one of the most fun was that he cooked all day for family gatherings. It was sometimes said that if he had had enough time in his already busy life, he would have opened a restaurant. These are just a few facts, but they reflect a bit of the loving man who enjoyed his life to the fullest.

Alan established his business (Al Gendron & Sons Auto Body) in Chelmsford. His business included towing cars for the Town of Chelmsford. No matter what he did, he worked very hard at it.

Alan not only worked hard at his place of business, but he also used a lot of energy on the activities he pursued in his spare time.

An outstanding characteristic of Mr. Gendron is that he was very generous, even when he might not have been able to afford it. One thing that he enjoyed doing was teaching auto body repair at Massachusetts Correctional Institution-Concord.

Mr. Gendron loved the game of football. He coached the Lowell Nor\\\\\\\'easters, a semi-pro football team, for many years. He not only engaged in the mechanics of coaching, his players also respected him for his humanity, and he was thought of not only as a coach, but also as a friend, and, by many, as a father figure.

For fun Alan was a fan of NASCAR racing. He attended the Daytona 500 in February for many years. Back home, Alan and Shane designed a racecar that Shane raced successfully at various tracks. Over the years, the team of Alan, Shane, and their pit crew raced all day many Saturdays, leading to the accumulation of a multitude of trophies, as well as great experience! The wonderful results of all of this hard work and dedication made Alan very proud.

Alan would also have been proud to know that this award was being given to a hard worker like himself. It is presented to a deserving senior who will be attending Middlesex Community College.