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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association

Blake Funeral Home  
Student Government Scholarship

Established 2017

Awarding Criteria:  This scholarship will be awarded to to the Vice-President of the Senior Class

Leadership in a student government organization is key to the success of a class. A student body will look to their executive cabinet of students for guidance and direction in how their academic career will develop. One of the most important positions in student government is Vice President.

The responsibility bestowed upon the Vice President is essential in supporting the President of the class, maintaining harmony within the cabinet and representing the school as a whole. Contributing to the success of the class through communication, creating a vision for progress, keeping the student population informed and offering guidance through difficult decision making for the benefit of the student body are just a few examples of what an exemplary Vice President would strive to achieve.

A successful Vice President must offer creative and different vantage points. They must be skilled in problem solving, contributing insight and keeping a keen-eye open for opportunities to foster advancement and growth within the class. In addition to all the leadership responsibilities that the individual would have, academic excellence must also have to be achieved and maintained. Setting a good example for others should exemplify who the individual is as a person and being a good role model, both in and outside of the school environment, should be a priority. The character of a leader should demonstrate kindness, compassion, determination, honor and respect.

This scholarship is awarded to the student Vice President who has embodied what it means to be a leader. It is our hope that they will continue their quest for excellence by furthering their education and inspire and encourage others to do so as well.