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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association

Michlyn Scarpitto Queenan
Memorial Scholarship

Established 2017

Awarding Criteria:  This scholarship will be awarded to a deserving college bound senior who has taken a minimum of two years of a world language.  This individual will have demonstrated true compassion, strong moral character, and perseverance in the face of academic/personal challenge. 

Michlyn Queenan was a dedicated and beloved foreign language teacher at Chelmsford High School for 47 years. To students forging ahead to create an interesting and meaningful life, her own academic pursuits can be perceived as a personal example of the consummate student. Her teaching credentials were enhanced over a period of time to include a BA in Latin from UMass Amherst, a Masters in Counseling from Boston State, a BA in Italian from Harvard, and a BA in French, for which she studied in Paris.  

As a woman who knew the value of adult encouragement in the life of high school students, she succeeded in that and more. When she passed away, her loss was felt deeply in the community she had served for so many years – former and present students, as well as colleagues.  It is only in recent times that the public has had a forum (online remembrances) in which to freely share their memories of a person who was recently lost. You will read here a small sample of the words used to describe her influence on those around her.

‘Madame’ is remembered fondly as ‘intelligent, sweet, funny, beautiful and kind.’ She was ‘warm, friendly and upbeat.’ ‘She taught me about happiness and grace, and she had such elegance and pizzazz and style.’ The words ‘challenging’ and ‘all of the characteristics you want in a teacher’ were shared, as well, to round out her personal and academic impact on the lives of her students.

‘She lives on in the thousands of hearts she has touched, both for students and staff.’

Along with being a positive influence in her academic career, Michlyn was truly devoted to her family – her husband Bernie, a longtime teacher at CHS, her son Sean and daughter Alexa, and her grandchildren Mia and Jayleigh. Their lives were enhanced immeasurably by her loving presence.

The recipient of this award has a shining example of a life well lived and should feel encouraged to be the best person they can be – using all of their gifts to create a life that will reflect the spirit of this amazing woman.