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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association




Established 2009

Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to a high-ranking senior who plans to major in Political Science and/or International Relations.


With the Bates Family Scholarship, Donna (an educator in the Chelmsford Public Schools), Curtis (formally an educator in the Chelmsford Public Schools) and their three children, graduates of Chelmsford High School, Aaron (class of ’94), Brian (class of ’96), and Elizabeth (class of ’01) wish to recognize the Chelmsford Public Schools community for instilling in its students the confidence to pursue their goals no matter how far from, or how close to, Chelmsford those goals might send them. Through encouraging wider community service, active participation in a wide range of activities, academic rigor, and respect for fellow classmates, the Bates family wishes to thank a school system that thoroughly prepares its students for the rigors of life in the real world.

Beth and Brian, both teachers, and Aaron, involved in international finance, believe that the Chelmsford Public School System fostered in them and their peers a strong understanding of community, integrity of character, and a sense of leadership, all of which have helped them become happy and successful in their lives.

The Bates family, through this scholarship, acknowledges the strong positive

influence the Chelmsford Public School system’s learning community has on its students and expresses its gratitude for what it has generously given to the youth of Chelmsford.

At the request of the Bates family, this scholarship is awarded to a high ranking senior who has been involved in a variety of activities at Chelmsford High School and who has demonstrated leadership and service to the wider community.