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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 1999

Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to a high-ranking senior who has performed outstanding service to Chelmsford High School.

F. Edwin Ballinger graduated from Chelmsford High School with the Class of 1943. Following graduation, Ed enlisted in the United States Navy and served his country during World War II. After the war, Ed trained to be a machinist and had a small shop in New Hampshire where he manufactured “paint paddles”. Throughout his life, Ed served as a role model of a good neighbor. He always had a garden that produced much more than his family needed, so he shared his wonderful bounty with the neighborhood. Ed always visited friends and neighbors that were hospitalized and provided good cheer. He helped everyone he knew in any way that he could. Ed was the neighborhood “Good Samaritan.”

This scholarship was endowed by his wife, Mary, who wanted him to be 
remembered for his thoughtfulness and caring of people.