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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 2001 

Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to a deserving senior who plans to further his or her education 

Leo J. Auger was the father of a family of 12 children. Like many of his generation, he ended his formal education when he was still young, and he went to work full time. Even though his schooling came to a halt, his education did not. For as long as he lived, he considered learning to be extremely important. He read whenever he had a chance, even though he worked double shifts as a machinist for a very long period of time. By the time he passed away, he had become a very educated man, with a wide variety of interests. As he raised his family, this love of learning and concentration on education was passed along, and he encouraged his children to become educated, highly contributing members of society. His family wants to honor his high regard for learning by helping a graduate of Chelmsford High School to attain an advanced level of education with this scholarship