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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 1996

Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to high-ranking seniors who have performed outstanding service in youth ministry.

The Delaney Family Scholarship is given in memory and in honor of Ruth Delaney by her family.

Ruth had three devotions: her family, her church and her community. Ruth was a wife, mother and grandmother to a large family with whom she shared her love and care. Family was always first and foremost with Ruth. Even with all her other commitments, her family came first. Ruth attended St. Mary’s Church in Chelmsford and worked in the rectory for many years. The Pastors of St.Mary’s cherished Ruth’s counsel on matters affecting the church within the community. Ruth was always willing to give her opinion and advice.

The Town of Chelmsford was the beneficiary of her third love: politics and community activity. She served on many committees and boards including the Board of Assessors as a part time assessor for many years, the Town Democratic Committee as a member and as president, and the Chelmsford Housing Authority as an original board member and as Chairman for 14 years. It was on this last committee that Ruth had the most impact upon her community. She served on the initial study committee to determine the need for public housing within Chelmsford, and she served on the Board of Housing Commissioners for some 20 plus years, many as its chairman.

Through her efforts and guidance, the Chelmsford Housing Authority fulfilled the need for affordable housing for senior citizens and low income families within the Town of Chelmsford. Due to her leadership the Chelmsford Housing Authority became a model for other housing authorities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The housing complex behind the Senior Center in North Chelmsford has been named in her honor.

Ruth believed a person should offer to serve their church and community using the energy and ideas with which they have been blessed. This scholarship recognizes students who have made that commitment.