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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 2011

 Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to a deserving senior who has demonstrated leadership by promoting the LiveSmart attitude in the Chelmsford High School community. This senior motivates members of the community by spreading their healthful attitude to assist in creating a culture of making wise choices.

Michael Dzedulonis was a highly regarded member of the Chelmsford High School Class of 1977. He was a well-rounded scholar athlete who excelled in football and was named captain during his senior year. Often referred to as “Dezi”, his quiet style of leadership inspired many of those he met both on and off the field. During his time at Chelmsford High School, he was a friend to many and always found the time to listen and make others feel important.

After graduating from CHS, Mike attended the University of Lowell, where he studied engineering. His strong work ethic continued there. In addition to his studies, he was a leader on the football team and a respected brother in the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. He was a mentor to many younger students, teammates, and fraternity brothers. He was always willing to help them with their problems both large and small. In all of these endeavors, he continued to earn the respect of all those with whom he came in contact. Tragically, his promising life was cut short in his senior year at ULowell, when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

To those who knew him, Mike will be remembered as an individual who always strove to do his best. His integrity was extremely important to him. His family and friends knew that he could always be counted on. He was never discouraged by fear of hard work, overcoming obstacles or difficult challenges and thus inspired those around him to the same. Due to his sincere kindness and concern for others, absolute dependability, steadfast moral values, and the respect of all around him, the brothers of Pi Lambda Phi chose this scholarship as a lasting tribute to Mike’s memory. It will be awarded annually to a deserving senior who has demonstrated leadership in the Live Smart Club.