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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association




Established 2004

Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to a deserving senior who has been an active member of the Mock Trial Team.

Jennifer was a person who lived her life to create a nurturing environment in the following three key areas: family and spouse, faith in God, and love for reading and expanding her world through books and education. She always believed that the source of all personal and professional success and happiness is education. She was a passionate reader of books, whose topics were as diverse as the world around her, and sought to gain knowledge and insight into everything and everyone.

Jennifer was born on September 1, 1965 and was raised in Billerica, MA. She graduated Billerica High School in 1983; and upon acceptance to Boston College, she studied Economics for the next four years. She received her BA in Economics in 1987.

After receiving her Bachelors degree from Boston College, Jennifer pursued a Law Degree at Suffolk Law School in Boston. She met her husband Sal in 1988 and married in 1990. She also graduated Suffolk Law School that same year. She and Sal then settled in Chelmsford MA to begin their life together. Jennifer practiced Law for the next eight years at the Attorney Generals Office. As a young mother, she made the decision to put her career on hold for three years, so as to provide her first son Alex with focused attention, especially during his early child development years. She then joined the Law Office of Tom Newcomb and Associates.

Jennifer passed away on September 22, 2003 of breast cancer. However, she left behind three beautiful children: Alexander 11, Zachary 8 and Cassandra 3. This memorial scholarship was created in memory of Jennifer\\\'s love for education. Ideally, this fund will allow others to seek knowledge and insight into the world around them, by granting these young, vibrant, and eager minds with some financial support so that they, too, can find enjoyment and value in their own higher education. Some of us strive our entire lives to find that ideal job opportunity. Some of us never reach that goal. Jennifer found that place at Newcomb & Associates. She was loved and respected by so many individual on so many levels.