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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 2005

Awarding Criteria: Will be awarded to a deserving senior who has performed outstanding community service. An essay of not more than 500 words describing the community service that the candidate has performed must be included as part of the candidate’s application 

Arlene and Walker French moved to Chelmsford shortly after World War II ended and raised their children in the Westlands area.

They were active in scouting and supported all public school programs such as fund-raisers, plays, sports, and music events. They took great pride in their community and contributed to various town charitable programs. Walker French volunteered to assist in building parade floats and Arlene French volunteered time at the Adams library for many years.

After their children graduated from Chelmsford High School they continued to take part in town events. They enjoyed the friendly, warm, \"small town\" atmosphere of Chelmsford and were also happy to see the growth and progress of the town that took place during their lifetime.

They encouraged their children and grandchildren to pursue higher education. This scholarship is awarded in memory of Arlene and Walker French because of their interest in and dedication to lifelong learning.