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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 2012

Awarding Criterias: Will be awarded to a deserving senior who has demonstrated outstanding dedication as a member of the Chelmsford High School athletic training program and who intends to pursue a career in physical therapy and/or athletic training.

The Generations Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Scholarship has been established to recognize and reward a senior who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and compassion as a member of the Student Athletic Training Program at Chelmsford High School.

As an athlete who had injuries through my athletic career, it was only through the dedication, compassion, and hard work of my athletic trainers and physical therapists that I was able to return to my sport. While many of us may not become professional athletes, life long bonds of friendship and life lessons of perseverance and achievement will be with us forever.

When a student athlete is injured, he or she can be extremely anxious to get back to his or her sport. Participating in sports can help shape the direction of one’s life. Not only are lasting friendships formed, but college admissions can also be enhanced. You may not realize it, but as a member of the Student Athletic Training Program you probably have already had a great impact on someone’s life by helping him or her to return to the sport they love.

It is the hope of this scholarship to help the recipient further his/her education in the health sciences and to continue the legacy of dedication and expertise of our health care professionals.

David Scaplen, PT Clinic Director/Owner C.H.S. Alumni
Class of 1987