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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 2008 

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to a deserving college-bound senior who plans on majoring in music, focusing either on performance or education, choral or instrumental. An essay of not more than 500 words describing the candidate’s understanding and dedication to music must be included as part of the candidate’s application 

The Patricia D. Moore Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the memory of a woman whose life touched those of many others deeply and well, particularly in the field of music.

Mrs. Moore was associated with a number of houses of worship in the role of organist and/or choir director. She was involved locally at First Parish Unitarian Universalist, the large white church with the town clock in the center of Chelmsford. Other congregations included First Congregational and Temple Emmanuel in Lowell. She also founded the Middlesex Singers and the Meetinghouse Ringers, a bell choir. She participated often in musical events sponsored by her colleagues in the religious music community of Chelmsford and was known in a much wider circle than just that of the group she was working with at the time.

It has been said that she was capable of inspiring those individuals with whom she worked to reach levels of excellence which they had never dreamed was possible. The ability to pull voices together to make a beautiful sound was a special gift she had. She set a high standard for herself and for others, and it meant a great deal to her to draw out a performance that was excellent and complete. As a total artist, she even created costumes to further the visual picture of some performances.

She sought perfection, and sometimes she was satisfied. Always she saw that there was room for improvement.

Her family was instilled with the love of music in many ways. Her grandchildren were encouraged, corrected, and praised as they progressed in whatever they were studying. They were blessed to have in their lives someone whose life was filled with music, which was her life\'s blood and spirit.