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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 2001

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to a senior who has performed outstanding service to the senior class 

The Christopher M. Reslow Memorial Scholarship is given in memory of a young man who touched many lives in an extraordinary way during the course of his life.

At the time this scholarship was initiated, the memory of Chris was very fresh in the minds of those who had known him. In the future, however, there will be recipients who will not have had the opportunity to know him or anyone who knew him personally. It is important to make sure that the reasons he was thought of in such special ways are documented.

Chris lived from December 14, 1982 until June 19, 2000. He was told that he had a cancerous brain tumor in 1996. This began a time during which he showed his family, friends, and the community how to face challenges with incredible energy and enthusiasm. He made sure that he took advantage of every opportunity to truly live his life. He maximized every moment with those he loved. He shared his personal optimism and made the journey through his illness something very different than it might have been for those who loved him.

Those who made the donations to establish this scholarship know that the spirit of Chris Reslow will live on in many ways in the lives of those who knew him. They also want this spirit to be passed on to future graduates as they use this scholarship to maximize their opportunities to live their lives to the fullest as well.