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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 1999

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, as determined by the High School administration 

The George Simonian Scholarship is given in recognition of the many contributions that Mr. Simonian has made over the years to CHS and to the Chelmsford Public Schools at large. There are few, if any, people who have contributed as much to the setting and carrying out of the academic, artistic, athletic, and social goals of the school system.

In his early years as a Biology teacher at CHS he set standards that were enthusiastically met by students, sometimes in spite of themselves. The word “enthusiasm” is one that is so very often used when referring to George.

In subsequent years in the system at large as an Athletic Director, Science Coordinator, Director of Curriculum, Educational Consultant for the “New House Plan High School”, and Principal of the high school, this enthusiasm has remained unchanged. There are many ways in which George Simonian’s influence is still being felt. He has played a major role in the establishment and maintenance of Chelmsford High School’s fine reputation in the Commonwealth, nationally and internationally, in academic, athletic, artistic, and other fields. To honor George’s tireless effort and dedication to Chelmsford High School, the football stadium was renamed George Simonian Alumni Field.

The high school’s Alumni Association has become the focus of his retirement. The Association is in wonderful shape, in no small way because of George’s contributions of time and energy. Anyone would do well to emulate the lifelong traits of a man such as George Simonian, and this scholarship may very well be a springboard in that direction.