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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 1999

Awarding Criteria:  These three scholarships will be awarded to the President of the Student Council (Senior), to the Senior Class Treasurer and a senior who has been accepted to and will be attending the United States Naval Academy 

SYMBIOSIS n. Biology. The relationship of two or more different organisms in a close association that may be but is not necessarily of benefit to each. [G. sumbiosis, companionship < sumbion, to live together: sun-, together + bios, life.]

Early in his career in education, George Simonian taught biology - first to sophomores, and then, in later years, to more advanced students as well. Undoubtedly, he taught about the concept of symbiosis. Without thinking about it in just that way, he and his wife Lucy have been “two different organisms in a close association” and their life together has proven to be “of benefit to each,” as well as “of benefit” to countless others.

In George’s years as a teacher and administrator at the high school, and in the larger school system as well, he distinguished himself in many ways, a fact made clear in the naming of the Alumni Stadium for him. All through the years his efforts were made more “do-able” because he and his wife Lucy were a team. Now that the Alumni Association is their CHS focus, they are working together even more closely.

The George and Lucy Simonian Scholarship was endowed by their three children, all proud graduates of Chelmsford High. These young family members have witnessed a lifetime of commitment and caring with regard to CHS that has been unparalleled! They want to celebrate these years by giving a boost to the academic career of other proud graduates of Chelmsford High.