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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 2007

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to a senior of distinguished academic performance who is interested in a career as a teacher

William Sparks was raised in Newfoundland, Canada. His college degree was from Boston College, and he taught outside the country as a young man.

Just before he and his family moved to Chelmsford, he was a principal in Sudbury, Massachusetts. After his position in Sudbury, he became a principal in Acton. One of his former long-time teachers describes him as “very special,” “ the kindest, most sincere man,” and “a true gentleman.” Mr. Sparks was encouraging to his teachers, his students and their families. He had a way of lifting people up and helping them believe in themselves. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and, even if a joke was at his own expense, he loved to laugh.

Bill and Joan Sparks raised three children: Scott, Laurie (CHS \'78), and Glenn (CHS \'82).

Mr. Sparks set a fine example of both personal and professional interaction. It is just this kind of person that Chelmsford High School hopes to send into the world.

Mr. Sparks made so much of an impact in his neighborhood that one of his neighbors took it upon himself to establish this scholarship.