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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 1999

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to a senior who has shown the following qualities: concern for others, positive attitude, sense of humor, and ability to overcome adversity.  Applicants for this scholarship must provide a 500 word essay describing overcoming some type of adversity.

Billy Taylor was a resident of Chelmsford and a student of the Chelmsford Public Schools. He was an outgoing person, one to make friends easily. He was a typical young man who enjoyed playing sports, skateboarding, listening to music, as well as collecting baseball cards. Billy’s favorite times were enjoying a laugh or just talking with friends and family. By the time Billy attended Chelmsford High School, he earned a reputation of being a true friend, one who would be there for anyone in need of a kind word and a listening ear.

While Billy’s life was cut short by a tragic automobile accident while on his way to CHS early one morning, his personality and values live on through his family and those who were fortunate to call him a friend. Long after his death, students were seen wearing baseball caps with the initials “B. T.” written in ink on the brim. The friends and neighbors of the Taylor family dedicated a marble bench with the inscription: “Forever in our hearts”

(John 11:25) and a tree by the front walk of Chelmsford High School.

Billy never deemed himself better than others and therefore never presumed to judge anyone. He accepted people for who they are, and celebrated their individuality in his words with them. While Billy seemed to live his own life without many fears, often causing his parents to worry about his daring escapades, his greatest fear was that he might hurt someone else by his words and his actions. For beneath his bravado, was a sensitive young man who dedicated his life to making others feel better about themselves and their own talents.

While the world will never know the many talents and full potential of Billy Taylor, a member of the Chelmsford High School, Class of 1999, his friends and family have provided a scholarship that will help other young people continue to discover their yet to be witnessed gifts to humanity. Billy’s gifts of making others feel better about themselves and their own talent continues.