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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association



Established 2006

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to a deserving senior who will be attending Middlesex Community College or University of Massachusetts at Lowell 

The Chelmsford High School Yearbook Scholarship has been established to honor and acknowledge the commitment and hard work of the many Editors-in-Chief who have held the position over the years.

Chelmsford High School has always had outstanding yearbooks, and the contributions of the Editors-in-Chief have been consistently amazing.

The job of the Editor-in-Chief has always been to pull together and make good use of the many gifts offered by the members of their staff of volunteers....photographers, section editors, fundraisers, and many others. The team effort has been brought to a successful conclusion time after time, more often than not due to the organizational skills and dedication of the Editor-in-Chief.

In the years following their graduation, many former students will find their yearbooks stored or set on a random shelf and have occasion to thumb through the pages...delighted at the memories evoked by the words and pictures put together so many years ago by the Editor-in-Chief and the dedicated staff. The work is hard and time-consuming, but the effort is more than worth it!