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Chelmsford High School Alumni Association


Established 2012 

Awarding Criteria:  Will be awarded to a deserving graduate who is enrolled in an undergraduate       degree program majoring in culinary arts or a related field 

The Glenview Pub and Grill has been a staple and a constant in the Chelmsford area for over 70 years. In 1997, Steven Sampsonis bought the Glenview with the dream of making his culinary dreams come true and he certainly did just that. Steven had been in the restaurant business since he was a young man, working side by side with his own father at the Continental Restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts. Steven was a master chef with a distinct flair and taste in the culinary world.

Steven had many passions; fishing, hunting and of course and most importantly cooking and creating. Steven was an avid Bass fisherman and he would bring what he caught to The Glenview and prepare it as a special on the menu. As long as Steven was cooking and whipping something up he was a happy man. Steven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s recipes are legendary and live on at The Glenview. He had a passion for food and he wanted to share it with others and to teach others as he did with many of his employees.

Steven was a loving father to his daughter Stephanie, an outstanding brother and a devoted and ever loving son. He was blessed with many friends and comrades, many of whom shared in his passions. Steven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s greatest achievement was The Glenview Pub and Grill; he loved it and the people who frequented it. His passion for great food and drink has turned the Glenview Pub and Grill into \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The Place\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" that it is today.

Steven will be remembered for his love of life and his love of food. He passed away in December of 2010 after a brief illness but he is remembered and loved. His legacy lives on as do his recipes.

The Glenview Pub and Grill established this scholarship fund in memory of a beloved father, friend and boss with the hopes that a young man or woman may pursue their culinary dreams and maybe one day open up their own restaurant.