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Stuart G. Weisfeldt, affectionately known as "Doc," has been instrumental in the success of a number of different initiatives at CHS, and the CHSAA is happy to present him with the Lucy E. Simonian Golden Lion Award in honor of all of his contributions. George Simonian asked him to establish a sexual health course for the girls of CHS, along with Dr. Bousquet, who taught the boys. The students were given guidance in how to understand their bodies and their selves. Dr. Weisfeldt was a member of the Parents' Advisory Council until his kids graduated from high school. He was an assistant softball coach for the 15 years leading up to and past the awarding of the Golden Lion. He worked with the teams that brought home six League championships, and the State Championship in 1999. With respect to his softball coaching, a number of comments were made about him, among them: He is a student of the game, bringing insights that make a big difference between winning and losing. His laid back style and unique sense of humor are known to keep everyone loose. His competitive spirit can, however, appear when the game is on the line. He makes a point to know each and every girl and how best to motivate her. Often, when the team needs a boost, Doc can be seen making his 'Angels in the Outfield' gesture while coaching at first base. Dr. Weisfeldt was also instrumental in establishing the Teacher Appreciation Day and the After-Prom Breakfast. He was a member of Dr. Moser's (Superintendent) HIV/AIDS committee. A fun fact surrounding his 2 years as a swimming coach was that he had delivered Dave Scaplen, coach of the team that won the State Championship.