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The Town of Chelmsford Police Department has been presented with the Lucy E. Simonian Golden Lion Award in honor of their many contributions to the students of CHS. Members of the police department have given freely of their time to meet with freshmen health education classes and upper classes' wellness classes to speak on the dangers of abusing opiates. They have also supported CHS' efforts to educate the parents about the same dangers of opiate abuse. They work with CHS to explain to the community about the 'social host law' and are represented in the LiveSmart organization. Prior to the end of senior year, the students are exposed to the 'mock car crash' in the hopes that the students will take these images with them as they choose to safely celebrate their prom and graduation. The police also support the 24- Hour Relay and the athletics of CHS with their time and money. Chief James Murphy accepted the Award at the ceremony.