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Marjorie B. Scoboria    

CHS Class of 1923

CHS ‘23 
3rd in CHS class, born to teach, she often conducted her advance math class senior year due to the teacher, who also was also serving as the building principal.

Wellesley College BA Math and French \'28  

Harvard Masters Math ’30 

Chelmsford High School Pioneer as a Math teacher, Math Department Head—Inspired many female students to study math,Yearbooks dedicated to her 1949, 1966

1966 Lion Dedication:
The class of 1966 dedicates “The Lion” to Miss Marjorie B. Scoboria for her eagerness to assist us, her careful direction, her patience in our times of confusion, her genuine concern for our well-being, her boundless achievements in her subjects and her persistent effort to understand our every problem