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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers the following definitions for someone who teaches or is considered an educator:
Teacher: a person or thing that teaches something; especially: a person whose job is to teach students about certain subjects
Educator: one skilled in teaching: teacher; a student of the theory and practice of education

Andrew (Andy) Pasquale personifies these definitions. In many respects these definitions are woefully inadequate to define Andy’s 41-year career at Chelmsford High School. He is, to put it frankly, considered to be one of the best, if not the absolute best, teachers/educators to have EVER taught Mathematics or any other subject at Chelmsford High School. Colleague and Mathematics Department administrator, Donna Foley, said, “In all of my years in education, Andrew was the most outstanding teacher that I ever had the opportunity to observe.”

Dr. Mark Maybury, CHS ’82, said, “Mr. Pasquale not only assumed responsibility for the cognitive improvement of his students, he genuinely cared for learning in other subjects, awareness of world events, and their emotional well-being.” He continued with, “….the success of his ‘brilliance in teaching’ is ‘evident in every student. . .’. Former students called him ‘interesting,’ ‘fascinating,’ ‘honest,’ ‘engaging,’ ‘really kind,’ ‘better than collegiate professors,’ and ‘like the god of all teachers.’ He is simply brilliant.” Former CHS teacher and Dean, Bernie Battle says, “….I have known and worked with over 300 teachers during my career at CHS and Andy is, unquestionably, the best teacher I ever knew.” Ellen Rondina, CHS ’94, fondly remembered Andy as being “….patient and fun and respected us.” “It was certainly impressive that you managed to make calculus interesting, but you also did something that I appreciate far more every day of my life--you helped me become more interested in *everything*,” said Chris Dumas, CHS ’94.

Honors and recognitions included: Unprecedented 3-time recipient of the Senior Class Yearbook dedication spanning his career, ’00, ’08 and ’14, indicating his consistent influence and dedication to his students. Andy was also selected to be the speaker at the 1993 CHS graduation ceremony.

He was recognized as a “Distinguished Teacher, White House Commission on Presidential Scholars” and was a recipient of Teacher Award by the Harvard Club.

Dissatisfied with the quality of available texts for his AP Calculus program, so he co-authored a textbook to create one! It was used in the program for 22 years, that’s how good it was!!!

This narrative closes with the humble words of Andy himself, “I tried as best I could to help young people learn, and more importantly, love learning. As a student, everything came easily to me. The hardest thing to figure out as I embarked on a career as educator was how to guide those for whom the subject was opaque. It took a few years, but I like to think that I got it right. Of course, you would have to talk to my former students to see whether or not I am correct on that score.”