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(L) - Life Member of CHSAA
(P) - Inducted Posthumously
(D) - Deceased





Ann M. Swierzbin




Ann began her teaching career in Chelmsford at the McFarlin School in 1968 and continued in retirement, giving back to Chelmsford Public Schools, its teachers and its students. Ann was not only a talented enthusiastic teacher with a vision for excellence for her students, but also an advisor, a coach, a motivator, a counselor, a memory maker, a collaborator, and a true leader in the teaching profession.

From 1982 thru 2004 Ann joined the Chelmsford High School math department. During her years there, she taught pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Algebra 3/Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Computer Applications, and Programming in QBASIC.

Steve Meidell, colleague and Principal, remembers Ann as “an innovative . . . and unique educator who is able to inspire students of varying levels of talents and academic motivations to realize their potential.” One of her former students, Jeff Parks, who is Principal at Parker Middle School, recalls that Ann “demonstrated a true dedication to her students and was always kind, creative, and truly connected with all students in her care.” During her teaching career, Ann spent countless hours helping struggling students to become successful.

Ann served as co-advisor to the classes of 1991 and 1996. John MacPhee, Class of 1991 President, recalls that Ann helped “us to build leadership skills . . . and also taught empathy, creativity, and self-confidence, all while having fun.” Deb (Sheehan) Severino, Class of 1996 President, remembers that Ann created “a great collaboration, and it was never ‘her way’ or the ‘students’ way,’ it was ‘our way.’” Deb also recalls that she “never had the pleasure of being in one of Ann’s classes, but she taught me the most of any teacher at Chelmsford High School through the time we spent together.”

When Athletic Director, Jack Fletcher, needed to fill the Contest Manager’s position, Ann and two colleagues stepped up. Ann helped cover football, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, field hockey games, and wrestling meets. She was responsible for selling and collecting tickets, handling, counting, and depositing monies, while serving as host to visiting teams and officials. Jack compliments Ann “for providing a safe environment for home and visiting teams and for being a positive ambassador for CHS and its athletic department.”

While at Chelmsford High School, Ann also served on a number of committees, participated in a number of activities, and contributed in many other ways as a member of the CHS community. As co-chair of the NEASC steering committee, Ann was an incredibly hard worker, always seeing the big picture while paying close attention to the many details crucial to the success of the accreditation process. Her commitment to Chelmsford High School continues even now after her retirement, and will long be remembered.

Currently, in retirement, Ann serves as an Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Facilitator and Math Coach for grades K-5 in the Chelmsford Public Schools. Ann dedicates countless hours to support the elementary teachers as they navigate Common Core and Math Expressions. She spends several days a month at each elementary school running workshops for the teachers as well as helping students prepare for MCAS.

In addition to her commitment and dedication to the Chelmsford Public Schools, Ann also actively participates in her church, and volunteers both at Chelmsford’s Table of Plenty.