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Honor the past 
Empower the present 
Ensure the future

The Lion's Pride Endowment Fund will strengthen the CHSAA into a self-sustaining organization – one that will continue its mission of giving back and making a difference in the community, within Chelmsford, and the world beyond.

Our Lion's Pride Endowment Fund's main focus is to endow the CHSAA and hire a full-time director. It is about dispensing with the business of collecting dues, and instead having all CHS alumni as members of the association, free-and-clear. It's about developing mentoring programs that connect alumni and current CHS students. We continually strive to be an organization that will provide support and foster learning for the Chelmsford High School community for generations to come. We invite you to learn more.

If you would like to donate your time to help with our Capital Campaign, please contact Jim Lane at:

We are seeking donations at all levels for the Lion's Pride Endowment Fund. CHS alumni, businesses, and individuals will all play a part in the success of this fund.

Overview of Benefits:

  • Raise funds to hire a full-time director and manage the expanded CHSAA to serve CHS alumni better
  • Endow the Association so that all CHS alumni may be included as members, dues-free
  • Enable the construction of an Alumni Hall that will be a home for the alumni association, a showcase of successes from years past, and a gathering place for alumni
  • Endow the ongoing maintenance and operation of the new Alumni Hall
  • Support growth of faculty; encourage curriculum expansion through grants

The CHSAA is asking all alumni to help contribute to this incredible effort we are undertaking. A successful campaign will ensure a strong future for the Association, and a greater positive impact on our community for all initiatives moving forward.

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