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A Childs Christmas in New EnglandA Child’s Christmas in New England 
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-13: 978-1593731519

A Child's Christmas in New England, Robert Sullivan and Glenn Wolff return together to their favorite subject. This is a memoir about a time when, and place where, (in the New England of the '50s and '60s), the snow was always deep and a light was always on in the window.

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Atlantis Rising The True Story of a Submerged Land Yesterday and TodayAtlantis Rising  The True Story of a Submerged Land Yesterday and Today
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 0684855240
ISBN-13: 978-0684855240

Plato started it.
Plato was the one who first reported the existence of a vast island with immense mountains, verdant valleys and fruit "fair and wondrous and in infinite abundance." This magnificent Aegean Eden surrounded a capital of fabulous stone buildings, a busy, bustling heaven on earth.

And then, the Cataclysm. Panic spread across the island as Atlantis's volcano shook off its long dormancy. The mountain erupted, and the island was overwhelmed, engulfed. The sea smoothed over, and the continent and its occupants were gone forever.

Or were they?
Enter Robert Sullivan, who first rose to international prominence with his breakthrough research on Santa Claus. In Atlantis Rising, Sullivan reveals evidence even more startling than that contained in his myth-shattering Flight of the Reindeer: The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas Mission. Set upon his Atlantean quest by Amos S. Eno, executive director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and lured further and further on by the mysterious oceanographer who calls himself "Atwater," Sullivan is able to separate historical truth from mere legend, fact from fiction, science from silliness. Delving into the historical record, then into secret files that have long been under lock and key at the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, he discovers rare transcripts, documents, maps and, incredibly, photographs. They are all here in Atlantis Rising, along with dozens of paintings by the renowned natural-history artist Glenn Wolff. It adds up to an astonishing tale and a powerful moral.

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Flight of the Reindeer The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas MissionFlight of the Reindeer  The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas Mission
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 1620879840
ISBN-13: 978-1620879849

Did you know that Santa Claus returns to the North Pole 1,756 times during Christmas Eve? Or that he averages about 75 million miles over the course of 31 hours? Back in 1000 AD his sleigh was originally made of bone and ivory, but now it's entirely constructed of graphite and stainless steel, even providing a durable swivel seat!

Indeed, there has never been anything quite like Flight of the Reindeer. Most, if not all writers, have approached the adored Santa Claus tale in a variety of ways, but none have tried to explore the reasons behind it. Robert Sullivan provides documentation from Santalogists, historians, zoologists, and Arctic explorers to confirm that flying reindeer are anything but a myth, and that Santa Claus does, in fact, make his trek around the globe each Christmas Eve. Glenn Wolff's insightful and profoundly detailed illustrations impeccably coincide with Sullivan's comprehensive research to provide a classic for children and their parents. A must-have for the holiday season!

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Life Christmas Around the WorldLife Christmas Around the World  
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 1932273506
ISBN-13: 978-1932273502

More than two millennia ago, a child was born in the village of Bethlehem, and from this event grew, first, a devoted cult, then a dedicated following, then a religion that is today the world+s largest: Christianity. The celebration of Christ+s birth is a glorious holiday. It is beautiful, warm, festive, joyous, sweet and steeped in tradition. Life captures in words and vibrant pictures the customs of Christmas everywhere, from Sinterklass in Holland to the observance of the winter solstice at England+s Stonehenge to the origins of this great day in the Holy Land. On Christmas, the world rejoices and reflects. Here, Life does too, in this special commemorative edition - Christmas Around The World.

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Life Greatest Adventures of All TImeLife: The Greatest Adventures of All Time 
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 1929049064
ISBN-13: 978-1929049066

LIFE captures all the drama...passion...and excitement of the world's greatest adventures across the centuries - collected in one stunning volume!
Now, for the first time, in one lavishly illustrated heirloom volume, the editors of LIFE have captured the riveting drama and endless fascination of the greatest adventures the world has ever seen. You'll be enthralled by gripping storytelling wedded to stunning art, photography, and richly detailed maps drawn from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, the Smithsonian, the Bettmann Archive, and the Time Inc. library.
You'll be privileged to journey with Marco Polo along China's Silk Road at the dawn of the 14th century... join Lewis and Clark on their exciting exploration of the American West... and attempt to conquer Everest in 1922 with George Herbert Mallory.
For these legendary men and women, no obstacle was ever too formidable, no endeavor too daunting. Their heroic deeds have shaped our world. Join them all now on their quests for fortune, fame, and the thrill of discovery.

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Life Last Letters HomeLast Letters Home 
Robert Sullivan CHS '71


War letters are, by their nature, intensely emotional, honest and heartfelt documents. They are letters like no others, written when the extreme peril of battle forces one to look at life in an entirely new way. Moments and memories are cherished with an urgency they hadn't been before. The future is a dream.
Especially poignant among war letters are the last letters home. These messages may express many things--hope, pride, fear, exhaustion, love--but they take on an extraordinary new weight when the reader brings to them a foreknowledge of what has occurred. The letters in this LIFE book, from Robert Wise's comic pick-me-ups to his mom to Michelle Witmer's and Rachel Bosveld's dramatic accounts of action in Iraq to Jesse Givens's passionate last words to his young family--a letter that he told his wife not to open unless he was killed--give a thoroughly human face to the war in Iraq. Beyond the statistics are these lives, bravely lived.
In Last Letters Home, fourteen families share their stories with LIFE's readers and come before LIFE's cameras, just as several of them participated in the HBO/New York Times project of the same name, which has produced a documentary to air on Veteran's Day, November 11. It took courage for them to publicly recall bygone sons, daughters, spouses and parents. Courage--theirs and the courage of those now departed--is on every page of this book.
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Life The Seven WondersLife The Seven Wonders
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-13: 978-0006352600
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LIFE Holy Lands One Place Three FaithsLIFE: Holy Lands: One Place Three Faiths 
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 1603202358
ISBN-13: 978-1603202350

In examining a significant contemporary issue as the calendar approaches the holiday season, LIFE goes to "the Holy Land," the Middle East, to depict the places considered sacred by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Where did these faiths spring from, and what is the story that has these Holy Lands in such close proximity? The photography from these places is beautiful and inspirational; you can feel the ancient past as modern-day pilgrims pay homage. Crucial figures in each religion (not just Moses, Christ and Muhammad, but figures that have a large crossover role in the story) will be examined and explained. Beautiful artwork will embellish the photography, which will be, as always, the heart of this passionate LIFE book.
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LIFE One Nation America Remembers September 11 2001LIFE: One Nation – America Remembers September 11, 2001
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 0316198021
ISBN-13: 978-0316198028

In this expanded tenth-anniversary edition of the No. 1 New York Times bestselling book, LIFE returns to the story that it chronicled with such immediacy following the devastating, heartbreaking, and inspiring events in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. These pages bear witness to the horrific losses of 9/11 but also celebrate the inspirational bravery of those who persevered, risking their lives in unpredictable and terrifying circumstances. This became the document of the day, the book Americans needed at the time-and can gain some measure of understanding from once more. ONE NATION was and is, as the Wall Street Journal said ten years ago, "a thoughtful and thorough telling.
This expanded edition includes a new foreword by Tom Brokaw, reflections on how the nation has changed in the decade since 9/11, updates on the people involved that day, and new and exclusive portraits by award-winning photographer Joe McNally, who made indelible pictures at Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of the tragic event.
For decades, Americans have turned to LIFE to see, understand, and remember the most important events of history. In addition to a powerful array of photographs taken by many of the world's greatest photographers, ONE NATION includes original essays by some of our finest writers. Contributors include David McCullough, Maya Angelou, James Bradley, Melissa Fay Greene, Margaret Carlson, Bob Greene and many others. To re-read these pieces today is to revisit an astonishing moment. There is an immediacy and passion to the writing that speaks, just as the photographs do, to what 9/11 was-and meant to us all.
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Life The American Spirit Meeting the Challenge of September 11Life:The American Spirit: Meeting the Challenge of September 11
Robert Sullivan CHS '71
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LIFE Pope John Paul II Toward StainthoodLIFE- Pope John Paul II Toward Sainthood  
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ASIN: B00546EOP2

When Pope John Paul II died in 2005 some four million pilgrims made their way to Rome to celebrate his extraordinary life. When this man is beatified on May 1, 2011, putting him only one final step from sainthood, millions more will arrive, and thousands will pack St. Peter's Square. Rarely in our age has one person touched so many people so profoundly. LIFE Books first published its bestselling illustrated biography of this man in 1999, and now on the eve of beatification it is time to revisit the story, and bring it up to date with 25 new pages of inspiring text and photography. Pope John Paul II: Toward Sainthood follows the life of the former Karol Wojtyla through the great events of the 20th century, events in which he sometimes played a crucial role. In this book, a dramatic life is captured in words and extraordinary pictures-including photographs shared with LIFE by Karol Wojtyla's old friends in Poland, seen in LIFE's pages for the first time. Also in this expanded edition are the stories of the last ten years: the celebration of the 2000 Jubliee year at the Vatican, the horrific sexual-abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church and the papacy, the extraordinary funeral of John Paul II (the largest funeral in world history, and probably the most watched event ever) and, finally, the man's inexorable march to the communion of the saints.
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LIFE Remembering SinatraLIFE: Remembering Sinatra
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 1603200126
ISBN-13: 978-1603200127

From Hoboken to Hollywood, Frank Sinatra was always a larger-than-life package of talent, charisma & controversy. Singers has been big before, but there had never been a sensation like the young Sinatra. He drove the women wild & lived a life of monumental drama & intrigue. This book examines his life.
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Life The American ImmigrantLIFE: The American Immigrant 
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

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Our Red Sox A Story of Family Friends and FenwayOur Red Sox A Story of Family, Friends, and Fenway 
Robert Sullivan CHS '71

ISBN-10: 1578602343
ISBN-13: 978-1578602346

Journalist Robert Sullivan can't remember a day when he was not a Red Sox fan. It seems he was born a devotee; he certainly was raised to be one. From Ted to Yaz, the to-the-death pledge of fidelity to the celebrated team was a rite of passage for anyone growing up in semi rural Massachusetts in the 1950s and ’60s. Our Red Sox chronicles the love affair of a man, a family, and a community for “their” team. It’s about playoffs recently past and seasons long ago, about 1918 and 2004 and everything in between. It’s about families and sandlots and bleacher seats and press row, about tragedies remembered and frighteningly real — all happening in an orbit around the park called Fenway — as well as the luminous moments of camaraderie and triumph. Our Red Sox is a witty, gentle, moving memoir from deep inside a wonderful place called Red Sox Nation.
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