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Beyond Pearl Harbor I Company in the Pacific of WWIIBeyond Pearl Harbor: I Company in the Pacific of WWII
Henry Zabierek CHS ‘42

ISBN-10: 1572494018
ISBN-13: 978-1572494015

Written by a participant of I Company, Beyond Pearl Harbor details actual incidents that illustrate the peculiar nature of the war in the Pacific during World War II. From the early days in New Guinea to the eventual occupation of Japan, the nature of war is played out. The close proximity of the combatants, the incremental advances, the occasional retreats, the dreaded banzai attacks, and the unorthodox tactics of the enemy are all in evidence as the company moves closer to the eventual, but sudden, victory.

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ThursdaysChelmsford High School'ssing that thing
The Thursday's

"Congratulations to Amanda Roeder and the Thursdays! for their MUCH deserved win of the WGBH Sing that Thing competition. The show aired last Friday. If you are able to see this show online, (Click Here)I highly recommend you watch. They were amazing. Amanda has done so much for this group. I sincerely appreciate all of their hard work. They are great ambassadors for our school."  Steve Murray, CHS Principal 


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Class of 1963 55th Reunion
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